Istat: sales of houses increased by 20% in the second quarter 2016 The recovery in the housing market also comes confirmation of Istat, which certifies a + 20% of sales from April to June this year. Precisely confirming the trend registered by the Revenue in mid-September. “In the second quarter of 2016 notarial purchase agreements for residential units (194 620) – note the statistical institute – accelerate growth, marking a + 20.6% compared to the same period last year, after +17.9 % in the first three months of the year. This positive result affects all real estate sectors and the entire territory “. It consolidates a recovery that “is born from the second quarter of 2015 (+ 6.2%),” while “the record low was reached in the fourth quarter of 2012 (-25.7%), the year in which the changes were strongly negative in all quarters. ” To grow more were transfers in the residential (+ 20.9% yoy), representing almost 94% of total trade, but the increase is also significant for the economic use to units (+ 15.3% ). The growth trend “is homogeneous in the different geographical areas and for buildings to economic use has been very intense in the South (+ 23.9%) and the Islands (+ 23.7%) and slowed in the central regions (+4 , 7%). ” Interestingly then as its recovery has been more pronounced in small towns – in the cities ascent began before – for the residential sector (+ 22% against + 19.6% in big cities), while in urban areas the most robust growth it is registered for use in economic units (+ 17.5% versus + 13.9% in other cities). Istat also provides data on the performance of credit: “The notary conventions for mortgages, loans and other bonds with real estate mortgage entered into with banks or non-banks (109,786) showed a significant increase (+ 24.5% ) compared to the same quarter of 2015. the increase affects all geographical areas, with variations above average in the Islands (+ 30.9%), the South (+ 29.0%) and the Centre (+ 26.8%) ». Overall, the first half of 2016 shows obvious signs of expansion for both purchases and sales (+ 19.4% yoy) and for mortgages (+ 26.5%). (Emiliano cut brief, Il Sole 24 ORE – Casa24, November 4, 2016)