…. Also Antonio Lapucci of the Real Estate Agency Chianti (www.immobiliarechianti.it) agrees on the choice of the country house in the hills with a panoramic view. “Those who come here – he says – look for views, vineyards and olive groves”. On average, the ideal one is around one million euros. To this figure, corresponds an interior space of 250-300 square meters and a piece of land. In this case, buyers are mostly northern Europeans, including Belgians and Dutch. A former 230 sqm mill, with a panoramic view and a swimming pool, 1.3 mln, is a proposal of the agency. “Today, much is recovering from the winemaking point of view – explains Lapucci to Ville & Casali. We are looking for farmhouses with a small vineyard, up to 3 – 4 hectares, where we can start producing wine with satisfaction. But to stay in the market it takes at least 10 “… ..