Home sales in Italy rose by 10% in the third quarter in spite of the fact that the third quarter is always the weakest in the year because of the large proportion of time reserved for holidays and the summer break, the third on the front residential sales quarter in 2015 confirms the recovery trend in the industry anticipated by the numbers in the period from April to June. Italians once again have, albeit with appropriate safeguards, confidence in the brick. And if, according to the Observatory Revenue Agency published today, in the second quarter of 2015 the increase in sales of houses stood at + 8.2%, with just under 9 thousand homes sold for more than the same period of ‘previous year, from July to September 2015, transactions were up 10.8% with more than 10 thousand homes sold for more than the third quarter 2014. For a total share of 105 thousand units countrywide. The residential sector is the most active, including appliances (+ 9%), followed by commercial with a rise of 7% of trade while manufacturing (+ 2.2%) and services sector (+ 0.9%) languish. The greatest interest to invest in bricks and mortar is dictated by a number of variables related to the strong liquidity around that does not find attractive returns in alternative asset classes, from the actions on the stock market to government, but also by the sharp decline in real estate values, which make the purchase more attractive and more affordable.