Via Pozzo dei Birri - Radda in Chianti

Farm with farmhouse to be restored 15 km from the sea

Riservato / Reserved


The 100-hectare farm is located just 15 km from the sea in Castiglione della Pescaia (GR).
The company has two main agricultural productions, wine and olive oil.
It extends over gentle hills suitable for agricultural production of vines and olive trees on mainly sandy loamy soils suitable for the production of excellent wines.
There are also about 10 hectares of woods, with Sughere, Querci, Lecci, Corbezzoli, in the wettest seasons you can also find excellent mushrooms.
In the valley floor there are some sheds and an apartment, which have the function of office, tool shed and materials, pesticides and fertilizers.
At the top, in the center of the company, there is a partially ruined farmhouse that dominates most of the vineyards and olive groves and offers a splendid view of the company and the surrounding land. The farmhouse had been the subject of a study for a possible recovery plan.
A lake and a pumping station for irrigation, not far from the business center, complete the company.
The total of the farm land is divided as follows: Vineyards 27.50 Ha – Olive groves 39.00 Ha – Wood 10.00 Ha – Arable land, Uncultivated, Vineyard for rent and Lake surface 21.70 Ha
The Viticultural part currently has an area of ​​27.50 hectares, totally claimable as Maremma Doc and are equipped with an irrigation system.
The olive growing part has an area of ​​about 39 hectares and 10,800 olive trees, registered with the Tuscan IGP Oil Consortium.
The properties in the company consist of:
– An apartment with kitchen, bedroom and bathroom of about 65 square meters, currently used as an office.
– A warehouse of about 400 square meters with a workshop, changing rooms and bathroom for the workers inside, and the rest used as a tractor shed.
– A shed of 230 square meters, half closed used as a warehouse for fertilizers and various equipment, half as a shed.
– A shed of about 430 square meters used as a shed for maintenance of vineyards and olive groves
– A shed, open on two sides, of 420 square meters, also used as storage for tractors, trolleys, various materials, etc.
– A building of 50 square meters, consisting of 2 rooms, one for the pumping station and one for fertigation.
– A partially ruined farmhouse on two floors with annexes, with recoverable volumes.
Inside the property there is an artificial lake with a surface area of ​​1.30 ha and a capacity of 45,000 m3.

  • Tipologia: Apartments , Wine Estates - Agritourism Estates
  • Comune: gavorrano
  • Prezzo (€): trattativa riservata
  • Rif.: 409
  • MQ: 1500 m²
  • Lot size: 1000000 m²